The minimum capital for export companies is 50,000 thousand pounds.

And import companies 2,000,000 million pounds

And the individual establishments have an import activity of 500,000 thousand pounds

Advertising companies 20,000 thousand pounds

It is preferred that the capital of general contracting companies not be less than 100,000 thousand pounds in case the company desires to register in the Construction and Building Federation.

Companies Formation

The minimum number of partners in the limited liability companies is 2 partners, and the maximum number is 50 partners.

There are 3 partners in joint-stock companies, and there is no maximum number of partners or shareholders.

Companies Formation

Types of companies in which only the joint-stock companies and one-person companies are deposited within the investment commission.

One person company, the entire capital of the company is deposited with a bank certificate, and it is recovered after issuing the commercial registration.

In joint-stock companies, 10% of the total capital is deposited upon incorporation, 25% is completed within 3 months, and the entire capital is deposited within 5 years, and it is recovered after obtaining the commercial register

Companies Formation

The minimum capital for joint-stock companies is 250,000 thousand pounds, and the rest of the types of companies, individual establishments, and the one-person company are 1,000 pounds.

Companies Formation

The inability of the sole proprietorship to be transformed into a company of persons or a company of funds

Companies Formation

Reducing the capital of a one-person company from 50,000 pounds to 1000 pounds

Companies Formation