get up Diwan Firm Advocates and legal advisors provide all legal services related to the establishment of companies, and the most prominent services provided by the company in this field are:

  • Investment planning by choosing the appropriate legal form for the nature of the activity that is established in order to practice it in a way that gives the investor the best advantages and full benefit from the laws
  • Establishing joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, partnerships with shares, and a one-person company, starting with reviewing and documenting the company’s contract and articles of association.
  • Registration in the commercial register and the announcement of the company's contract and articles of association in the investment newspaper.
  • Opening the tax and insurance file and documenting the legal and accounting books.
  • Carrying out procedures for convening general assemblies and the Board of Directors and approving them.
  • Going through the procedures of selling or assigning shares or quotas.
  • Establishing joint ventures, simple partnerships, and sole proprietorships in all fields of work.
  • Enrollment in the Exporters Register, the Importers Register, and the Commercial Agents Register.
  • Registration in the industrial register.
  • Issuing a card for importing production requirements.
  • Obtaining all licenses and approvals necessary for operation.
  • Registration in the register of the Egyptian Federation of Construction and Building Contractors.
  • Drafting employment contracts for company employees and insuring them.
  • Representing companies before labor offices, social insurance offices, and before governmental and non-governmental agencies.
  • Preparing work regulations, penalties, financial regulations, and procurement regulations.
  • Issuance of work and residence permits for foreign workers.
  • Drafting lease and sale contracts and all contracts associated with the establishment of companies.
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