Progress Diwan Firm Tax consultations for its clients from individuals, companies as well as non-profit organizations throughout the year, in light of the provisions of the Egyptian tax laws. The professional services provided include the preparation of all types of tax returns and the preparation of tax examination documents. We also help solve tax problems that may arise during tax examinations, within the competent missions, or with arbitration committees or Ministry of Justice experts in a way that achieves the preservation of state funds and does not conflict with the interest of the taxpayer. We also help our clients in:

  • Register and open tax files, whether income or value added
  • Submitting the annual income tax return for individual establishments and companies of all kinds for all different types of income
  • Preparing and submitting the monthly VAT return
  • Preparing the electronic invoice
  • Preparing and submitting the withholding tax declaration and the addition to the companies that are required to submit it
  • Tax examination service for all types of taxes
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