The most appropriate legal form for real estate marketing companies

The most appropriate legal form for real estate marketing companies 

It has been explained in previous articles The difference between companies of persons and companies of funds and the required activities security query To partners in partnerships,

The real estate marketing activity is among the activities to which a security inquiry is applied to the partners in the case of choosing the legal form as a partnership company (a partnership company or a simple recommendation). The security inquiry takes a long time from 3 months to 6 months, and sometimes it exceeds the 6-month period. 


If the real estate marketing company will be established as a company from among the funds companies within the Investment Authority (a limited liability company or a joint stock company), there will be no security inquiry on the partners, and you can receive a commercial register, a tax card and the articles of incorporation within 10 days and start your work legally right,,

For this reason, we would prefer if your activity is real estate marketing and urgent over work, and you do not want to take a lot of time extracting papers, that you establish a limited liability company, and this is the easiest and simplest form in money companies,,